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February 4, 2006 by LifeIs42
Life seems to be an infinite loop of "Code-Compile-test" these days,

Onslaught of work glued me to my IDE all the time,
still managed to get some breaks, worth mentioning ones are New Year celebrations, Australian Open Tennis, Australia Day Celebrations(which coincidentally falls on same day as Indian Republic day),
This was my first Christmas & New Year overseas and I must say it was the best time to be here, whole place gets into festive mood, year end sales are really big(especially the ...
September 6, 2005 by LifeIs42
July 14, 2004 by LifeIs42
"Knock... Knock...."
"who's there??"


"Vatsal who....?"

"Umm....I used to hang out at this place few months back and i am back again to blog......."

Ok, that was a poor joke,
but jokes apart i am Back to Blog(B2B), its been a long time since i wrote last.
lot has happened since then, actually i was too busy with my day job, i don't know whether to call it a day job or nite job as everyday i used to leave late at nite rather early morning, was buried neck deep in wor...