Published on July 14, 2004 By LifeIs42 In Life Journals
"Knock... Knock...."
"who's there??"


"Vatsal who....?"

"Umm....I used to hang out at this place few months back and i am back again to blog......."

Ok, that was a poor joke,
but jokes apart i am Back to Blog(B2B), its been a long time since i wrote last.
lot has happened since then, actually i was too busy with my day job, i don't know whether to call it a day job or nite job as everyday i used to leave late at nite rather early morning, was buried neck deep in work and hardly had time to blog or to look elsewhere, things are changed now and relaxed these days...... so resurrecting the virtual side of me.

In news, first, my employer is changed, now i work for the Big Blue,

my honeymoon with IBM has begun and like anyone joining a new company i am enjoying it, exploring the company, its processes, no work load, meeting new people and having fun.

In other news, i have got a new phone, Nokia 6230, tks to my bro.
launched this January worldwide, its a feature rich phone with more or less every functionality that you can think of, it has a still and a video camera(and take my word, image quality is very impressive compared to other phones), mp3 player, bluetooth and other connectivity interfaces, it has around 40 MB memory which is upgradeable(just change your MMC card and you are done),
Overall very impressive phone, so if you are looking for a feature rich phone in a small form factor, go for it.
I have got a bluetooth adapter for connectivity and someday i plan to write some J2ME app for my phone........
you will see pics coming out of my camphone here soon......(but don't expect wallpaper kinda images, most camphones support only 640 * 480 res only including mine)

In technology news, as i was going thru a shift so was away from wild wild web for long, have to catchup a lot, lots happened since then but it feels good to take a break like this, you know you get lot of surpises when you are back on track, i was little surpised to read this

So things are slowly settling down, i have lot of catching up to do......

Hope i will be more regular now................

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