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April 28, 2004 by LifeIs42
For all those geeks, whom News for nerds, stuff that matters is an integral part of their daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, here's a dessert.....

Satire for nerds, Geek Humour that matters

After /. effect, it is time for some /0 effect..................
January 25, 2004 by LifeIs42
Here's my weblog with SLASHDOT look and feel!!!

My Own Slashdot

Not very sensible but Cool....

You can mix two websites of your interest and be amazed!!!!

This is possible by this

Thanks to mmk for this!!!!!
So get on to the turntables.............!!!!!!!!
November 17, 2003 by LifeIs42
Google Logos!!!

Google, our key to the web keeps coming up with cute logos forholidays,

wanna c all of them, click the link below!!!!


My fav is "Einstein'sbirthday - March 14, 2003"

Whats urs?
November 24, 2003 by LifeIs42
A Hacker or a Hacker?

Can youdistinguish between one who chops off code and the one who chops off heads!!!sounds scary!!huh!!!check out thisintersting quizwhere you have to find out whos a hacker and whos a Hacker!!!!
November 24, 2003 by LifeIs42
Geek Power!!!!!!!

Geek Power
January 14, 2004 by LifeIs42
Google Dance is the process in which Google updates its indexes!!!

Find out yourself what a Google Dance is.......

Ever wondered how Google ranks its pages, here's how

A more geeky explaination is here
December 13, 2003 by LifeIs42
Chek out how Google used to look like in its initialdays.

The logo was designedusing Gimp and before google.comit was

And this was the whole google setup when it started

Also, Froogle, Google'sproduct search service which was in Google labs only is now on themain google page, though still in beta stage.