Published on January 25, 2004 By LifeIs42 In Internet
Here's my weblog with SLASHDOT look and feel!!!

My Own Slashdot

Not very sensible but Cool....

You can mix two websites of your interest and be amazed!!!!

This is possible by this

Thanks to mmk for this!!!!!
So get on to the turntables.............!!!!!!!!
on Jan 25, 2004
That is some wild and crazy stuff at that site. I will go check it out. Is it a science geek blog site? what else do you recommend. I am going to give this site a vacation from my blogging and go find something else to play for a while. This site has lts of html tools doesn't it?
on Jan 27, 2004
I am not sure what you mean by above? if you are talking about my BLOG with Slashdot look and feel, i warned you its not sensible, that tool just try to map the text in my site to layout of Slashdot, and yes slashdot is a science+technology+"things of interest to techies" news and discussion site.