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September 5, 2005 by LifeIs42
Nerd Tv, finally after about two months of wait, Nerd tv will be starting tomorrow i.e. 6th Sept. and i can't wait to enlighten myself with the wisdom of the zen masters Max Levchin, Andy Hertzfeld and Bill Joy, although www is the only way for me to view it, i will be going in for a full length mp4,

so keep your calendar free for next 13 weeks and yes, dont touch that remote....
November 17, 2003 by LifeIs42
Still stuck with Windows?

Fedup with crashes, virii, and all thatpatchy business!!!!!!!

Time to make a shift and here's something tohelp you

Developerworks has a 9 part roadmapon Windows to Linux Migration.

So as the first article says, start thinkingin Linux!!!!!!!!!

n btw, Bill Gates has deniedany plans or efforts to buy Google,Happy Tuxing!!!


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