Published on November 17, 2003 By LifeIs42 In Personal Computing

Still stuck with Windows?

Fedup with crashes, virii, and all that patchy business!!!!!!!

Time to make a shift and here's something to help you

Developerworks has a 9 part roadmap on Windows to Linux Migration.

So as the first article says, start thinking in Linux!!!!!!!!!

n btw, Bill Gates has denied any plans or efforts to buy Google,Happy Tuxing!!!


Linux: Telling Microsoft where to go since 1991

on Nov 17, 2003
In your signature ("Linux: Telling Microsoft where to go since 1991") you point out that Linux is a 12-year old operating system. Yet according to WebSideStory's StatMarket service Linux desktop usage is still well under 5% (some estimates have it as low as 2 to 3 percent) and far from growing is shrinking. Redhat is pulling completely out of the desktop market to concentrate on their corporate enterprise contracts. (See for details.)

I can certainly see Linux as a server solution. Why would you recommend Linux for the desktop?
on Nov 18, 2003
first of all, i am happy to see this weblog is becoming interactive, thanks for querying me about what i put here.

Presently Linux Desktop penetration is undoubtedly less and that was because of lack of applications rather mature applications which can fullfill daily computing needs of an
average desktop user and also allow him to co-exist with Microsoft proprietry formats(.doc,.xls ....), but now things are changing, we have mature stable applications
like Mozilla, Evolution, Staroffice, Openoffice which serve daily needs of desktop users and seamlessly intgrate with existing MS formats.

As far as RH is concerned, first, Linux is just not RH, and infact when it comes to ease of use and prescribing an average user an easy to use Linux distribution,
RH comes third in my list,Mandrake tops the list with Suse finishing second.

New players are entering into Linux Desktop arena like SUN and day by day more and more applications are becoming more mature so i am pretty sure that in its present state,
an average user can be given Linux as an dekstop option. And so urged readers to go through that roadmap, infact more and more countries and people are already adopting
Linux and open source solutions day by day, so i am sure you will see some big numbers in near future.