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April 15, 2007 by LifeIs42
Ref: One more consolidation....
April 8, 2004 by LifeIs42
Tried this Grammar Quiz(Courtsey MMK) and got the following results:

You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!"

Test is easy, don't think it tests your grammar in detail.....
Anyway, just for kicks..............

Take the test
November 24, 2003 by LifeIs42
WalkMan WalkWoman..........

Here's anintersting sitewhich shows the human walking pattern in animation form, its based onwalking data from 40 male and 40 female walkers, it shows thebiological motion patterns of human body, its interactivealso, you can choose to make it walk like male, female(and may be inbetween, there's a sliding bar which allows you to choose how muchmale, how much female ), relaxed, nervous, sad, happy.Veryinteresting..........rated- *****
November 20, 2003 by LifeIs42

Latest issue of FortuneMagazine carries an article(subscription required for full access) on Outsourcing, this articletakes Wipro as a case-studyand talks to some of managers about what they feel about taking jobsfrom other countries, how things are in Bangalore and how well theguys are doing when it comes to software development.

Some time back an articleon newsforge insisted why IT offshore outsourcing can't be stopped.And if all that software and BPO was not enough, eve...