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Its been a long time since i last updated my web log, actually was buried neck deep in work, infact still i am, trying to meet deadlines.....!! phew!!!!!

Last weekend we all went for a one day trip to sriRangaPatna, byllaKuppe tibetan monastery and ranganThittu bird sanctuary (hope i m spelling them correctly, my frnds keep telling me the right strings and i keep forgetting, after all last two names are real tongue twisters).

It was a very enjoyable trip, lotsa new things we saw and experienced(we left early morning, 6 a.m on a Sunday, can you believe it????, try experiencing that )

ranganThittu bird sanctuary is one of those lesser known beautiful places, the whole sanctuary is on small small islands on Cauvery river, birds from all over the world cm there, storks, horns, bills and lot more, the prime season to visit this place is January end. The major attraction of this place is neither its beauty nor those birds, but crocodiles, yeah!! this sanctuary has 50 crocs, real ones, big ones just like the ones you c on national geographic or discovery, and the exciting part of this sanctuary is that you visit this sanctuary on a boat and those monsters are all around you, some lazing off on rocks, some floating near your boat......... i never saw crocs that close in open, it was a thrilling experience, me and nilesh were happy to see those crocs lazing off, after all someone was lazier than us and just likes dozing and lazing off the whole day (wish i was a croc..!!!)

srirangaPatna is already a famous and known place, Tipu Sultans place, from there we went to byllaKuppe tibetan monastery, i have never been to a tibetan monastery, before this whatever i have seen about Tibetan monks was in movies(cin Seven Days in Tibet?), T.V and read in mags but seeing them live, their monasteries, their prayers was an amazing experience, it was a different world!!! Their monasteries and temples are really beautiful, wish we could have spent more time there.

Pics coming soon!!!!!!!

One good thing about being in Bangalore is that you can visit lot of beautiful and amazing places in a very short period of time(these places are within 300 – 500km), Bangalore has lot of places all around where you can go trekking, rock climbing, visit safaris, beaches, temples and lot of other beautiful places!!!!

if interested, go n get a copy of Weekend breaks from Bangalore!!

enjoy maadi!!!!!!!

P.S: After writing all the above i realized i wrote the names of places just like the way variables are named in Java, guess doing lot of JAVA these days, anyway, if you want them the normal way, heres the code, run it on the 3 strings

// No main, no imports, just the core....

String locationName = "sriRangaPatna";

locationName = locationName.substring(0,1).toUpperCase()+locationName.substring(1);

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