Published on July 23, 2004 By LifeIs42 In Travel
I will be leaving for Australia tomorrow,
will be there for two months......

any aussies here who can tell me what to look for there..., places, food.....

for next few days this will be more like my travel log..

keep checking for a virtual trip to australia..............

on Jul 23, 2004
I am so fucking jealous!

on Jul 24, 2004
Where in Aus mate? It's a big freaken place!!!

If you are coming to Melbourne, I can tell you all the great places to go!

on Jul 24, 2004
I can tell you a bit about QLD - specifically Brisbane

Mig and Marco can do NSW

Anyone from Perth or Adelaide? Darwin maybe
on Jul 24, 2004
Yeah mate !!! will be in melbourne only !!!
so post about places to see............

tks in advance for suggestions....