Published on April 8, 2004 By LifeIs42 In Websites
Gmail, Google's new web based email service generated lot of interest recently, primarily due to its 1 GB account size and secondly because it comes from Google, some thought it was an April Fool joke (like lunar jobs).

Although Gmail is still in testing phase, some reviews have come up to give you an idea about how gmail will look like, you can find one here

If you can't wait to have a 1 GB email account and hard pressed for space you can try SpyMac these guys too offer 1 GB email space along with some other tools like blogs, forums etc....

And did you know that Rob Pike, yeah that well known UNIX guy, works for Google and here are some interesting papers from Googlers, they are on wide variety of subjects from algorithms to user interface design to software engineering !!!

It seems lot of brain activity going on @ Google

on Apr 10, 2004
It sounds pretty interesting.
on Apr 12, 2004
what sounds intersting?

#) gmail?
#) spymac?
#) Rob pike with google?
#) papers?