Published on March 24, 2004 By LifeIs42 In Pure Technology
Today i got my first "Cellphone SPAM message".

i got one message which was trying to sell me a database of some thousand companies and some lakh indian email ids for 800 rs.
This was different from the ones which i normally get from my Telecom Service Provider(TSP), some third party was trying to sell me something and the funny part was at the end of message S/he didn't forget to mention "This is not a SPAM message"

Those days are not far when my cell phone inbox will be flooded by these, the way my email inbox does, adding one more nuisance to long list of cell phone nuisances(ringing at odd times, ppl can approach you anytime, unwanted rather SPAM calls trying to sell you something....)

Any filters for this kind of SPAM?

on Mar 24, 2004
In the UK we get them quite often old chap although it is supposed to be illegal now, I have received quite a few messages that go something like - I can't wait to meet you, you are so hot etc etc but then you are invited to call a premium rate number to see who this mystery lady is. They must think we are stupid!
on Mar 24, 2004
Good to know that in UK, law helps poor souls like us, i hope someday it becomes illegal here too.

on Mar 24, 2004
Well maybe poor souls like you old chap, i am far from poor!

I'm just joshing with you dear boy
on Mar 25, 2004
Ya i know you are not poor, you are one RICH BILLIONAIRE.
okie, a poor soul like me

jokes apart, other than law i think technology could come to our rescue and intelligent SPAM filters for cell phones will be common and that would be easier than knocking the doors of law.
on Mar 25, 2004
Spammers always find a way through don't they, hopefully the measures to come in future years will deter a lot of them
on Mar 26, 2004
Spam, that stuff tastes really bad on sandwiches, its probably 100% squirel meat.

Aunt Jamima