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My last post conveys that for past two months it was all work and no play for me, but thats not completely true...

i did get time to breathe, had good time at two weekends, the ones worth mentioning are

  • visit to Trans Indus for Rain Seed Festival and

  • visit to Nandi Hills by bike.

Rain Seed festival happens every month where you get to listen to “Thermal and a Quarter”(TAAQ) along with other bands and musicians who play from jazz to blues, experimental to percussion(do i need to mention rock?).

TAAQ is one band which has its own distinct style. No head banging stuff, no heavy metal, if you like rock, you must listen to them(i read somewhere that they were mentioned as second best Indian rock band).

The place where all this happened, Trans Indus is itself beautiful, they have given the whole place that “village look”, beautiful landscapes, a lake, all in all a perfect place to have a concert like this, they have a small amphitheater where all these concerts happen, because of the small size of amphitheater the bands becomes very approachable and whole thing becomes quite interactive.

Good Music, Good Surroundings and last but not the least a good restaurant- perfect recipe for a beautiful weekend.

(Tip: If you are looking for some good music to hear, go for the OST of “From Dusk Till Dawn”, we saw the movie long back and were searching for the OST and recently i got the CD, oh boy!!! a must listen !! Tito and Tarantula have put some awesome numbers in this album, also check out the 3 CDs of TAAQ)

The second good weekend got shaped up by a trip to a nearby hill station called Nandi Hills(NH) by bike, its a well known hill station for Bloreans but i have never been to that place, to be honest i never seriously thought of visiting that place(as in past i have been to number of hill stations and now they don't excite me much), but after reaching there, NH proved me completely wrong, i never thought i live next to such a beautiful place.

We had hit the road at 5.30 a.m.(its tough to boot up at 4.30 a.m. on a Sunday but on reaching there, it was worth it), a beautiful 65+ kms stretch where you get to drive on hills as well as highways, and on reaching there, we were welcomed by hills completely enveloped in clouds, a perfect cold, misty morning, beautiful trees, a beautiful guest house(which dates back to British period) and historical remains of Tipu's Kingdom, all in all a perfect place for an outing.

While returning we went to a place called “School of Ancient Wisdom”, the name tempts you to explore more, what is it all about, and there we were, that place is actually a beautiful resort where they have sessions, workshops and lectures on old Indian sciences like ayurveda, yoga and likes. It is dedicated to the “Self-transformation of individuals through Higher Consciousness”.

These two weekends helped me to retain my sanity. Looking forward to more weekends like these

Pics will follow soon..................

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