Database programming is fun, but it brings with it its own share of nuisances,
I like to write programs which spit out huge amount of logging information so that debugging and tracing becomes very easy,
With this liking in mind, when I sit to code my procedures, they are full of dbms_output.put_line(...) statements( I know it sounds very primitive, but then this is what this post is all about) but while execution of those procedures, the buffer limit puts up a big "full stop" to this approach.

I found that the maximum limit for logging data that can be churned out that way limits to "SET SERVEROUT ON SIZE 1000000" which doesn't last very long, so I would like to know the experiences of other developers doing database programming on Oracle - PL/SQL (stored procedures, functions..),
how do you achieve complete "run-time transparency" for your database programs?

A little fumbling @ Google revealed few solutions like Log4plsql, although it is mentioned production quality at SF but I am not sure what are the pros and cons of using packages like these,

Has anyone out there has used packages like these for database programming and found them "very" useful and what are the other options available ?

P.S: This is the 50th posting on this blog, although it is not a huge figure by any "blog junkie" (which i am not..) standards, i never thought this will reach so far...

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