Published on September 3, 2004 By LifeIs42 In Music
Very near to my place, at Federation Square which is kind of hub of arts, music, cultural and various other activities in Melbourne, an aussie music band known as The Regurgitator is locked in a glass house/box for three weeks and they are trying to come up with a music album in those three weeks...

They have got lots of music gear inside plus everything they need for their day to day use... they have even got some xbox's loaded with Halo 9(MS Xbox is one of the sponsors of the event)...
they can do everything except going out of that glass house/box....

I too peeked at their daily lives, its a good way to know how a music album evolves, this is a different kind of experiment, i think it must be tough for these guys with so many eyes watching them continously as they work, eat, sleep and do everything else, i am not sure how big these guys are in Australia but i feel that three weeks is a short period of time to cut an album...and if it does well..these guys are really good..

And by the way this whole thing is called Band in a Bubble

on Sep 03, 2004
good gravy, man! I can almost guarantee THAT reality show's gonna be "regurgitated" here in the good ol' USA!
on Sep 15, 2004
well well showmethecode you are going great,seems ur having loads of fun in m'ne
well this has nothing to do with the article but nice pics .
enjoy n have more fun and don mention about the 6230.
singapore is boring as usual.
one more thing- hatta spike australian mate!!!!!!!