Here's how different time zones can help ppl in avoiding boredom...

At 3.30 a.m. Phantom of the night finds me one of the few ppl blogging, the trick here is i m in a totally different timezone, i blog in broad daylight and still can provide him company on this site.....

Phantom of the night blogs....

on Mar 30, 2004
I know, but the thing is, this site is on all over the world and no one is up America- time. Strange.
on Apr 26, 2004
Or more importantly....Canada-time!

I know that this site is global, but regardless, there is still a significant drop in activity on Joeuser after Midnight EST.
on Apr 26, 2004
There are a few of us still around at this time of night... even here in America...

I'm on the graveyard shift
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